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The goal of the Youth in Transition Worker program is to support youth in their successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood. The youth in transition worker helps youth to develop and pursue their goals, and supports them to identify, access, and navigate adult service systems relevant to their specific needs. They support youth to connect to existing supports and resources within their communities including, housing supports, education resources, employment services and training, life skills training (e.g. financial management, household management), health and mental health services, and legal services.

Services are provided to youth in both community based and drop-in settings. The worker provides flexible service hours which include after hours emergency support for youth in service.

Youth in Transition workers collaborate with local community agencies to share information about the program as well as to provide knowledgeable referrals for youth to appropriate community services.

The agency works closely with the local Children’s Aid Societies to ensure that youth leaving care know about the Youth in Transition program, and also to help to navigate the referral process.

Role of Youth in Transition Worker

  • Help eligible youth develop and achieve the goals they have set for themselves through the program.
  • Support youth leaving care to identify, access and navigate adult service systems relevant to their needs, and transition to adulthood.
  • Facilitate access for youth leaving care to existing supports and resources in the community, by providing information and referrals for individual youth that address individual needs and support/reinforce strengths. Some of the resources and supports may include:
    • Housing supports;
    • Education resources;
    • Employment services and training;
    • Life Skills training (e.g. financial management, household management);
    • Health and mental health services; and
    • Legal services.
  • Support youth leaving care to develop and maintain relationships with responsible, caring adults in the community to help them as they transition to adulthood.
  • Foster communication and linkages with community agencies/ organizations to improve access and mitigate barriers to services for youth leaving care.
  • Ongoing collaboration with the local Children’s Aid Societies.


  • Reflective of and responsive to individual needs.
  • Accountable to the individual and community.
  • Provided in both English and French
  • Sensitive to the social, and cultural diversity of youth.
  • Provided during flexible hours as dictated by the need of the youth
  • Include drop-in services, group programming and intensive individualized supports


  • Youth ages 16 to 24.
  • Crown ward, legal custody order or formal customary care agreement prior to 18th birthday OR eligible for renewed youth supports.
  • Requiring supports in the following areas: housing, education, employment, counselling, life skills, health, culture, legal and mental health.

You can also call to learn more about our referral process (613) 789-0123. Leave a message and our intake worker with get back to you. This is a non-emergency line.