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Services delivered through the ISSP are developed on an individualized basis to target the specific mental health or developmental problems recognized as contributing to the young person’s offending behaviour.

For Young Persons with Mental Health Diagnosis

Services include mental health treatment interventions aimed at dealing with the disorder and promoting pro-social attitudes and behaviour. Such interventions may include counselling and psychotherapy, family therapy, substance abuse programs, and in-home and residential supports to the family.

For Young Persons with Developmental Disabilities*

The ISSP provides interventions that help the young person achieve and maintain an optimal level of functioning in the home, school and community.

*and/or dual diagnoses

A range of community supports are available to clients and their families, including service coordination and advocacy, educational support, vocational support including job-skills training, life skills and independent living support, and social and recreation support.

Most youth will complete the ISSP program in nine months to a year. Additional services may also be provided on an ongoing basis after the young person is discharged from the program.