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The highly trained practitioners who make up the Community Support Team develop an individualized plan for each youth.  This plan is consistent with planning developed by the young person’s probation officer, family and any relevant community partners, and includes a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs, the specific services, supports and interventions to be provided, and the results the services are designed to achieve.

Using best practices and evidence-based programs, the CST services are:

  • Collaborative with youth, families and service providers working together towards the common goal of a reduced involvement in the criminal justice system, and an overall improvement in the youth’s circumstances
  • Integrated with other services provided to the youth within the community system, supporting our commitment to working with and partnering with all service providers important to a youth’s life
  • Customized to reflect and respond to the strengths and needs of the youth, their family and their community
  • Sensitive to the social, linguistic and cultural diversity of families and aboriginal communities

Services are offered on an individual or family basis, and may include various forms of counselling, clinical mental health services, family therapy, educational and vocational training, and addiction services. Areas of focus may include relapse prevention, criminal thinking, peer relations, substance abuse and anger management.