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If there is immediate danger or if you suspect someone is being trafficked, call 911 or your local police service.

For information and support, contact Canada’s confidential human trafficking hotline:

Evaluation of our Anti-human trafficking program showed that clients experienced positive outcomes in relation to: increased protection and decreased risk in relation to family and peer relations, substance use, behaviour and attitude. A decrease in human trafficking risk factors and high indications of transitioning out of trafficking were achieved and a decreased need for mental health, emotional regulation and risk behaviour; and improved problem solving, skill development and educational or employment engagement.

Youturn –Youth Support Services provides targeted services to young people between the ages of 12-25 who are involved in human trafficking activities.

You can also call to learn more about our referral process (613) 789-0123. Leave a message and our intake worker with get back to you. This is a non-emergency line.

Next Chapter

The Next Chapter program supports young people who are vulnerable to or survivors of human trafficking. This program provides community based specialized supports and services aimed at limited youth involvement in Human Trafficking activities and supporting access to immediate and long term supports for survivors.

Trafficking is the control and use of threats or violence to exploit another for financial gain.

What is Human Trafficking?

“Human Trafficking” is a criminal offence and involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving, holding, concealing or harbouring a person or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person, for purpose of exploiting them or facilitating their exploitation.
Human trafficking is a complex and often hidden crime and human rights violation that results in serious and long-term trauma for survivors. Human traffickers prey on the most vulnerable in our society and use different tactics to control, abuse, exploit and profit from victims.1

The Next Chapter – Our Program

Focusing on the unique needs of each participant, the Next Chapter provides intensive community based support linking youth with health and mental health care, addictions treatment, education programs, residential support, financial assistance and employment.

Youth counsellors create an individualized service plan focused on the circumstances of each participant in service – providing direct interventions combined with system navigation to link participants with longer term formal and informal supports targeted to reduce their risk for involvement in Human Trafficking activities.